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Ombré, so hot right now

Photos by the talented and generous  @PaigePauliPhotos by the talented and generous  @PaigePauli

Photos by the talented and generous @PaigePauli

Finally! Jello. I was itching to try out the new tiny, round molds I bought back in Sonora over the 4th of July weekend and did a little late-night jello-molding (as you do) with a leftover half-box of Raspberry Jell-O.

I decided to try the Cool-Whip layering method again but was in a bit of a hurry (I get tired at 9:30pm like the 80 year-old woman I am at heart) so I didn’t let the Cool-Whip thaw before whisking it into the jello mixture. I also only made a half-box so used a single cup of boiling water which wasn’t quite enough to dissolve all the jello and the unthawed Cool-Whip. I suspected I might have a problem when I put it in the fridge but I was ready for bed and not in a gelatin troubleshooting mood.

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As I unmolded these little gems last night, I found that while the Cool-Whip didn’t quite separate the way it did the first time I made this, it actually created a lovely (and very on-trend) ombré effect. 

The unmolding was a little trickier than I had anticipated, so Paige took lots of pictures of me gently trying to get the tiny rings out of the mold and neatly onto the plate. Not a lot of success. But! A damp paper towel works like a charm to clean up the edges. And Cool-Whip can hide all manner of unmolding oopsies. 

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How pretty do these look? They tasted just as good. The width of the ring makes for a perfect spoonful and the center is a perfectly cozy spot for your toppings. They’re also damn photogenic. 

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