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So, why a blog about gelatin?

If you don’t have the time/patience/interest to read back through the blog archives, here’s the short answer: Grandma Marjorie. My late grandmother was born and raised in a small town in the American Mid-West and was a prolific jello-molder. As a kid, the first thing I did when I got to her house was give her a big hug and then run to the fridge to see what kind of jello she’d made. As her granddaughter, I inherited not only her jello molds and recipes but her enthusiasm for this underrated food.

Years ago I started making boozy jello molds for parties and thanks to jello’s photogenic nature, they actually make for decent blog fodder. After some encouragement from friends, Breaking the Mold was born.

Quirky? Yes. But adorable. Right, friends?

Thanks for stopping by and happy molding.


The Original

The Original

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